Event 活動 - King of Fashion: Denim 牛仔服裝展

HK Denim Festival

Exhibition area 4: Hong Kong Design Institute Fashion Archive Exhibition

展區四: 香港知專設計學院時裝資料館珍藏展覽

More than Ounces: The Diversity of Denim Fashion 牛仔布的多元化創作

The Diversity of Denim Fashion

Cotton denim has been developed for more than 500 years. It was until 1847, during the American gold rush period, that Mr. Levi Strauss and a Nevada tailor Mr. Jacob W. Davis made the first pair of jeans, using traditional denim fabric at the demand of miners who needed heavy-duty and durable workwear. Denim was a symbol of hard work and rugged masculinity with nothing associated with fashion at the time. Nowadays, the potential of denim design is endless, especially when it is brought into the hands of fashion designers.

Based in the Department of Fashion and Image Design, the Hong Kong Design Institute Fashion Archive is a unique fashion resource centre within the local academic sector that houses over 1,500 fashion items sourced around the world; from historical and ethnical costumes, to contemporary designers’ branded clothing. With a wide range of real-life fashion resources including signature fashion pieces, stage costumes, period costumes, millinery, shoes, bags, and fashion jewelries, the Archive intellectually contributes to teaching, learning, and applied research.

This exhibition features 10 denim fashion items from the Hong Kong Design Institute Fashion Archive’s collection, showcasing iconic denim outfits interpreted with deconstructed styles, delicate tailoring details, feminine designs, oriental looks, and more.

Denim, the King of Fashion, shines in the fashion world for its versatility, which enables numerous design possibilities.

500多年前,以棉花織造而成的牛仔布已面世,不過,真正以牛仔服飾面世的,要直到1847年,由美國的Levi Strauss先生及裁縫師Jacob W. Davis先生創造出來。初期牛仔布因供應給礦工工人穿著,耐用實用為主,牛仔布予人硬朗豪邁的感覺由此誕生,美感及設計元素欠奉。但當這種特別的布料落到不同的時裝設計師手上,它賦予了無限的多元可塑性。




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