Event 活動 - King of Fashion: Denim 牛仔服裝展

HK Denim Festival

Exhibition area 3: Future Talents

展區三: 設計新勢力

Ten denim designers from the new generation will showcase the unique style bringing an edgy vibe and design concept to the exhibition. Janko Lam, the mastermind behind the denim cheongsam, which is realization the “recycled fashion” concept. Meanwhile, Sonic Lam has specifically designed worker pants for the Start From Zero team, his designed workwear has granted “uniform” as new definition combining practical needs and trendy design.

第三個展區主要介紹10位新世代設計師的牛仔時裝作品,他們各有風格,為展覽帶來前衛的設計概念。當中包括林春菊(Janko Lam)以「再生時尚」理念創作的牛仔旗袍、林偉強(Sonic Lam)為Start From Zero工作室團隊設計的工人褲,製作了既能配合日常工作需要,又貼合潮流的工作服,為「制服」帶來新定義。

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